About us

The Center for Research and Prevention of Economic Crime -CIPCE, by its Spanish acronym- is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to the development of policies for prevention and prosecution of economic crimes. Our main objective is to promote the development of mechanisms for asset recovery, so that the money generated by corruption and economic crime is returned to the state and later used for implementation of social policies and damage repair.

CIPCE emerged in 2003 as a result of a partnership between the Public Policy Center for Socialism -CEPPAS-, the Institute for Comparative Studies in Law and Social Sciences-INECIP-, the Institute for Legal and Social Research Ambrosio Lucas Gioja -University of Buenos Aires, Law School- and the Union of Employees of the National Justice -UEJN-.

Currently, our organization is divided into five interrelated working areas:

  • Litigation and advocacy: For years we have been litigating cases of public interest. This area has engaged in the prosecution of dozens of court cases -alone or along with other organizations. We also use other advocacy strategies in order to strengthen the prevention and prosecution of economic crime, involving the judicial system and control organisms.
  • Research: The development of activities and research projects related to economic crimes is a source of key inputs for our work. This area involves the search and analysis of information regarding several topics: financial crime; money laundering; assets recovery; strengthening of criminal prosecution; criminal markets analysis; among others.In addition to this, the investigation of judicial cases allows us to update or database of economic crimes in Argentina.
  • Training Programmes: In addition to the constant training of our team, we seek to create training courses offered to the general public, state agencies and professionals. This area is in charge of the organization of courses and other training activities on issues related to prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic crime.
  • Network of Prosecution Units Specialized in Economic Crime: In Argentina there are 25 Public Prosecutions (one for each province, one for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and one for the federal justice). Each one of them contains different institutional bureaucracies which finally impacts in the efficiency of the prosecution. For that reason, in the year 2014, we decided to form a collaborative network of these different Economic Crime Prosecution Units. The aim of this initiative is to promote the creation and development of new units as to also empower the existing ones by strengthening individual and collective capacities. CIPCE has been designated by the prosecutors themselves as the global coordinator of this network. Currently we have organized two National Network Workshops with a mayor attendance.
  • Press and Media: The effectiveness of the work of an NGO depends on its ability to reach different parts of our society (government agencies, civil society, media, etc.). This area is dedicated to create and disseminate reports, activities, audio-visual materials and other products regarding different issues related to economic crime.


Honorary President

David Baigún 

Executive Director

Agustín Carrara

Directive Commitee

Alberto Binder
Pedro Biscay
Claudio Castelli
Alejandra Freire
Nicolás Macchione
Sebastián Rodrigo Narvaja

Advisory Council

Patricia Llerena
Pablo Farsa
Alejandro Catania

General Coordinator

Martina Cirimele

Coordinator of Training Programme

Trinidad Lobos

Press and Media

Antonella Comba

Working Staff Members (alphabetical order)

Lucía Cavallero
Sofía Díaz Pucheta
Mauricio Gómez
Nicolás Gross
Luciana López
Natalia Luna Jabase
Clarisa Marano Roude
María Eugenia Marano
Federico Martínez
Ariana Ortega
Victoria Prado
Luciana Rolón
Juan Maximiliano Segundo
Jimena Zicavo

CIPCE - Centro de Investigación y Prevención de la Criminalidad Económica
  Talcahuano 256 piso 2 - C1013AAF - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
 Teléfono: 4373-6303/04 -  contacto@cipce.org.ar