Analysis of 50 cases from the federal Justice (2007)

This is a second progress report from an investigation developed in the context of the projects funded by the University of Buenos Aires (UBACYT). That investigation was entitled “Searching for an integral model to neutralize economic crime. Designing new institutional mechanisms for assets recovery”.

The objective was to study how the current legislation applied to economic crime, and what were the legal tools available to the State in order to recover the illicit assets. The idea was to design an integral model -involving both criminal and civil regulations- that facilitates the assets recovery regarding both public and private financial flows.

By analyzing 50 cases, this investigation shows results such as: an average length of 14 years; an unequal distribution of cases among the investigators; a low number of convictions (only 5); a high percentage of cases closed because the statute of limitations ran out; and a lack of successful experiences of assets recovery, among other issues.

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