Analysis of the case “Bribes in the Senate” (2014)

This report, published in july 2014, sums up the main problems detected in the sentence that acquitted the defendants in the case called “Bribes in the Senate”.

In this case, the Justice investigated the alleged bribery occurred in the year 2000, through which certain public servants of the Executive Branch convinced some senators to pass a bill (law nº 25.250). This law regulated a labor reform that the International Monetary Fund was demanding to Argentina. The government of the former President Fernando de la Rúa follow this directive of the IMF, in order to obtain further financial resources from this organism.

In december 2013, the Oral Tribunal nº3 (from the Criminal Federal Justice) acquitted all the defendants, arguing that “the facts did not exist” and attacking all the judges, prosecutors and organisms that had encouraged the development of the investigation

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