Second Meeting of the UFEDE Network - Santa Fe, 2015

In Argentina there are 25 General Attorney’s Offices (public prosecutors), each one with a different institutional reality. That is why, in 2014, we decided to create a Network of “Prosecution Units Specialized in Economic Crime” (Red UFEDE, by its spanish acronym), to gather the prosecutors and general attorneys from all provinces. The objective of this Network is encouraged the growing and development of this kind of specialized prosecutions units, and also improve the already existing.

To start with this Red, 30th and 31 October 2014 we organized the the First National Meeting of Prosecution Units Specialized in Economic Crime. It was organized in Buenos Aires, jointly by the CIPCE and the Federal Attorney General’s Office. The Attorney General’s Office from the provinces of Chubut and Santa Fe gave us its institutional support.

In 5th and 6 of November 2015, we organized the Second National Meeting. It was carried out in the Law School of the National University of Litoral, in the province of Santa Fe. It was organized by CIPCE, this University and the Attorney General’s Office from Santa Fe, with the institutional support of the Federal Attorney General’s Office.

Between the First and the Second Meeting, ten General Attorney’s Offices were involved, from provinces in differents regions of the country. In addition to this, there were public servants from several oversight bodies and control organisms.

This document sums up the Second National Meeting of the Network ok Prosecution Units Specialized in Economic Crime.

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